Our Mission

Two Chairs, a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization, was founded in 2010 to support the work of artists and other media makers through all phases of production and distribution. Two Chairs accomplishes its mission through the development of original productions for live performance and broadcast; through collaborative projects with other artists; and by serving as a fiscal sponsor for artists whose projects align with our own artistic and critical social goals. We distribute our own work, and that of other artists, on a variety of platforms in order to reach a broad audience and achieve maximum impact. We conduct workshops and use social media in support of all this work, including that of sponsored artists, as a means to inform and educate the public about important contemporary social issues, providing them with resources to learn, engage and share what they have seen/heard/experienced.

Tax deductible donations are greatly appreciated to continue our work.

For more information, please contact us.

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